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Religion has been at the very heart of world history and Belgium is no exception to that.

Monks and nuns have sculpted Belgian countryside and brought a lot of know-how to the people. They have influenced Belgian culture, from the intellectual arts, to daily life, especially food styles! However, it is with completely free minds that Southern Belgians now enjoy and share these assets!

This section will present you some of our best masterpieces, which are sometimes still active with religious communities and activities (in this case they are mostly supporting breweries and cheese manufacturing activities, whose products can be tasted and bought on site), other times, they will show you an unusual reconversion, and eventually, you may also visit places that were turned into museums. In all cases, you will go from surprise to surprise, and you'll find out that theming your trip around this specific matter will bring you to the most interesting and vivid places of Belgium! Be prepared to be surprised.

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