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Memorial & Military tourism - Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge - From 2h50 to 3h30 from Calais: La Roche-en-Ardenne, Bastogne, Hotton, St Vith, Malmedy, Florenne,..

Despite the silence of the school history books, in the Second World War, British troops played a very important role in helping to free the Belgian Ardennes in September 1944. The Battle of the Bulge was not solely a U.S. troop victory. This trip follows in the footsteps of the British and Commonwealth soldiers, who returned to liberate the Ardennes for the second time, from the picturesque town of Dinant to La Roche-en-Ardenne. En route there is the Commonwealth military cemetery at Hotton, where 325 British soldiers were laid to rest.

In La Roche-en-Ardenne, the Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes rates the British Divisions (51st Highland and 53rd Welsh): www.batarden.be

From the spring of 2014 on, a new museum dedicated to the Second World War, the Bastogne War Museum, will open its doors, at a stone’s throw of the famous Mardasson memorial. The Bastogne War Museum will be put up in a brand new building with a daring architecture and contemporary scenography. The museum recontextualises the causes, events and results of the Second World War in a modern and interactive manner. The original scenography is filled in by three scenovisions, real multi-sensory 3D scenes, which ensure a complete immersion in History!
This brand new museum will be a lively and sparkling place to be with an eat café, a vast terrace and a museum shop, as well as a place for many events and temporary exhibitions.

Bastogne Ardennes 44
There is also a museum dedicated to the infamous Malmedy Massacre www.baugnez44.be

For special guided tour:

Mr Michael Baert Guided Tours and Travel Tailoring : michel.baert@skynet.be

Mr Henry Mignon, retired artillery officer: www.mardasson.com

Don't hesitate to ask us "the British in the Battle of the Bulge" map + "The battle of the Ardennes - Down the Memory Lane" brochure.

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