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A brief summary

A dynamic commercial centre with modern pedestrian shopping streets, and a city known as the most francophile place in Belgium, Liege attracts many of its Dutch, French and German neighbours.

Situated at the crossroads of an important motorway network linking Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, and being the 3 rd largest river port of Europe, Liège is focused on being a European city of importance.

What's more, Liege is a City of Art, having seen the birth of Georges Simenon one of the most prolific authors of the 20 th century, Zenobe Gramme, the inventor of the dynamo and the reputed composers and musicians A.Gretry, Eugene Ysaye and Cesar Frank.

Liege is also a green city proud of its many parks and public gardens.

Liege however is also “ Outremeuse” (meaning beyond the River Meuse). There is a part of the city on the Right Bank of the river that represents a Liege of rebellious, anti-authority spirit. Its love of tradition and its attachment to the Liege dialect give it a unique atmosphere that culminates each year during the festivities of August 15th .

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