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Southern Belgium’s Royal Treatment for Golfers

The French-speaking region of Wallonia, south of Brussels, has always had a strong golfing heritage - various forms of games resembling golf were played as early as the fourteenth century by sportsmen in Belgium, notably “chole”, which is still played there, and, so it is said, introduced the first tee - so it should come as no surprise that it offers excellent golfing facilities, with some 30 clubs located within a two-hour drive of the capital. Add to this the relatively mild weather throughout most of the year, the close proximity of the clubs to one another and to the major cities of Wallonia, and the extremely affordable green fees, and it is easy to see why the area has steadily been gaining a reputation as an alternative “must do” destination for golfers.

Located in the heart of Europe bordering France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg, Wallonia has all the attributes of a perfect destination for short or longer golf breaks, and you can be on a Belgian golf course within a few hours of leaving your front door, allowing ample time to mix and match your golfing experience with the fantastic gastronomy, wonderful landscapes, and picturesque medieval towns of Wallonia.

Access to the destination could not be easier. It is possible to fly to Brussels with a number of airlines, or to reach the heart of Wallonia directly via Charleroi Airport, from Dublin, Shannon and Prestwick with Ryanair. Alternative routes via Brussels involve the trouble-free journey on Eurostar, and for golfers who prefer to take their own cars, there are fast, frequent services via Eurotunnel or the cross-Channel ferries, and an excellent network of toll-free motorways which runs through the whole of Southern Belgium.

One of the most charming aspects of the courses in Wallonia is the number of old club houses that have been transformed from old farmhouses and chateaux, some dating back to the 14th century – as is the case at Golf Chateau de la Tournette. And, of course, as you would expect from this friendly region, all the golf clubs welcome visitors with open arms and a local beer!

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