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Flea Markets

Belgium has always been a great trading post. Located at the crossroad between the major European powers (France, Germany, Netherlands, Britain) it has collected influences from all its mighty neighbours along the centuries.

Belgians love their homes and being cosy and comfy is not far from a national obsession.

Our Dutch neighbours do acknowledge that Belgians have always had a higher living standard and appreciate it. For instance, Belgian interiors have always been very cocooning, textures and fabrics used in a common Belgian home are very rich and comfy. Belgian fridges are full of good food and drinks, and it has always been like this; we did not need a series of star chefs featured in TV programmes to enjoy and experience a very enviable life style. In short, Belgians will always pick up the very best influences in décor and home comfort. They have also produced their own home and furniture styles and designs throughout history.

Average homes are generally better looked after than our southern French neighbours and most Belgians would become depressed if they had to live in middle-class French estates.

In this quest for life, comfort, and generosity, we are very close to the Italians, and that may be why the Italian community has been so welcomed in Southern Belgium across the centuries.

It won’t be surprising to find some incredible marvels – and bargains – in antiques or flea markets: Belgium is one of the favourite hunting places of the wealthy German antiques dealer. Honest: every time we go to a flea market or antiques market, we meet some of them, right in the middle of some deal for that special piece they’ve spent a long time looking for.

For you to enjoy the best bargain hunts, here are some tips for antiques and flea markets in Belgium. You will always find that there is plenty of stuff, whether you are looking or buying and at an amazingly good value!

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