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Military and Memorial Events

Although most people have a rather vague knowledge of Belgiums legacy, the countrys past has witnessed a long and painful history of struggles and wars. In fact the entire country used to be one of the favourite battlefields of its strong and mighty neighbours. Here is a short list of the most poignant places where collective and individual memories pay tribute to those who lost their lives to struggle for freedom. It at least dates back to the Celtic and Germanic conquests of Europe, and has been registered for first in the War of Gaules chronicles and memories of Julius Caesar.

Belgium has also played a very important role in world history over the last 200 years, with

Wallonia providing not only the setting for Napoleons final defeat at Waterloo in 1815 but of some of the most decisive battles of the WWI (especially in Mons and Liege) and WWII too.

These battlefields and the war memorials associated with them are becoming increasingly popular as tourist destinations. While groups of children visit Waterloo because it tends to be a part of their school history syllabus, older visitors often make the trip to Mons and the Ardennes to pay their respects to relatives and friends who were killed during the Wars.

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