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Music & Cultural Events

 You never get bored and out of date in Brussels & Wallonia

From Horror movies to love films, classical music to jazz, alternative world music to fashionable electrojazz and much more

Brussels and Wallonia feature an incredible number of festivals and cultural events, and from May to September they literally flourish in every town district and in the most remote villages. You will find here a selection of only a few of them to help you start with something that may draw you for a next experience to our musical and lively entertaining destinations.

Most of the time, people only think of Brussels as a boring bureaucratic city with nothing to offer but grey concrete buildings and restrictive rules and bans. But Brussels is full of colours and flavours. It is not only a major gourmet lovers capital, it is also a charming capital of human size with only 1.5 million inhabitants, who are welcoming and multilingual, and though Belgium only has French, German and Dutch as official languages, you may be sure to be welcomed, guided and advised in decent English wherever you go. In Brussels, even chip stallholders speak English!

May and June are an ideal period to go and find out about the laidback fashionable districts of Brussels. The weather is usually nice and Brussels hosts some of its best events, such as the yearly Brussels Jazz Marathon , now in its eleventh year, or on a more exclusive scale the June Catwalk show featuring the fashion designers of the prestigious Bois de la Cambre School.

The Couleur Caf world music festival in early July (was launched at a time when world music did hardly exist as a concept or a label) features some of the best artists from around the world, with a predilection for African and Caribbean bands who get to perform at this amazing gathering of world cultural expression, (even before they get known in our Western countries and charts) and has now become an institution turning Brussels every year into a real global village over the course of a whole weekend.

May and June are also an ideal time to reload yourself, and to get your sparkle back in one of our spa facilities. Never forget that spa comes from Spa, the genuine one, which is renowned since druidic times for its therapeutic waters and beneficial mud baths. Nothing to do with those beauty clinics which increasingly abuse the concept of spa, and confuse wellness and health

Brussels and the Southern region of Wallonia are in one of their most pleasant seasons of the year to shop till you drop, enjoy the cafs displaying their terraces and offering good meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

If youre fond of the terrace culture and Mediterranean way of life and street style, you will then love the atmosphere and laid back attitude of the nevertheless fiery-tempered Liege people, or the quiet and romantic cobbled streets of the town of Namur, which is renowned in the whole country for the number and quality of its . shoe shops! And never forget that shopping in Belgium is always a very affordable experience!

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