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For those who are in the know, Latin Belgium is the place to go!

Welcome! Here you can find out about the marvellous short breaks that Latin Belgium has to offer you. From metropolitan night-life to peace and quiet in the countryside, we have it all. Feel free to look around. Simply click the links on the right hand side look at specific choices of destination and find out detailed information about each one.

Wallonia is located in the South of Belgium and is 98% French speaking (a German-speaking minority of 70 000 people is living in the Eastern counties of Wallonia, on the border with Germany, this is our equivalent of the Alsace!). Wallonia is an exciting and beautiful destination to visit throughout the year, offering alternative short breaks to other well known and established city breaks such as Bruges, Antwerp or Brussels. Liege, Namur, Dinant, Mons, Tournai, Durbuy, La Roche, Bouillon, Spa (the genuine one!), Arlon... are lovely country towns that boast both a very laid back atmosphere and the best shopping and gastronomic experiences you could dream of, among other numerous things.
You can city-hop by train or car and experience the authentic history and traditions of the local Walloons.

Southern Belgians have a keen love of the good things in life; from beer and chocolate, to hiking in the peaceful countryside and visiting the historical sites of their country. This tradition is also true of holiday-makers who come to Wallonia from around the globe to sample the small towns and villages dotted along the country roads for an authentic taste of the real Wallonia.

The variety of activities that can be undertaken here are all connected by Eurostar who offer a quick and direct service to virtually all the towns in the area.

For more information please click on the links on the right hand side for in depth information about the country towns of Wallonia.

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