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Arlon stands at a crossroads in the South of Wallonia, close to the frontiers with France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. There were Celtic, Gaulish and then Roman settlements here, and the archaeological remains these people left behind provide a fascinating opportunity for today's visitors to travel back to ancient times. The many green fields and forests surrounding the town also allow visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings of the countryside.

The town welcomes visitors to its narrow shopping streets, its shopping centre, its charming restaurants, and its Hydrion Adeps Sports Centre. Visitors can also enjoy the spectacular panoramic views across the three frontiers, from the terrace next to St Donatus’ church, where the castle of the Counts of Arlon once stood.

The lush green countryside and woodland surrounding Arlon are ideal for enjoying walking, cycling, and other sports.

Arlon is also an important junction in the motorway network; here the motorway from Brussels to Luxembourg crosses the motorway that runs from Maastricht to Lyon via Liège, Bastogne and Strasbourg.

Gourmets will love the variety of gastronomic treats available in Arlon, derived from the traditional cuisines of the Ardennes, Gaume and Luxembourg regions. Local specialities include pâté gaumais (a type of pork pie) and maitrank, a local apéritif flavoured with sweet woodruff.


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