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Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne War Museum, a memory place dedicated to the Second World War opened two steps away from the famous Mardasson memorial. The BWM finds its place inside a new building whose architecture is daring. Not only this museum presents a great number of objects but above all it also reveals a place where emotion dominates.

The prism of the Battle of the Bulge

The memory center is built around the Bastogne Historical Center that was built in the 60s and it integrates the old structure of the star into a new architecture. The BWM proposes a scenography and a modern and interactive putting back into context of the causes, of the events and of the consequences of the Second World War through the prism of the Battle of Bulge, on over 2000 square meters with a shop and a cafeteria. The first red line of the visit is four characters who tell their life which is based on real-life experiences: a child from Bastogne, his teacher, a GI and a young German lieutenant. The visitor comes onto the realty of the Great Story through these short stories. The second red line is made of the evidences of militaries and of civilians that are spread out all long the course, and to be listened in the visitor’s language thanks to an audio-guide.

Three scenographies

The museum course is dedicated to before the War, the World War II, the Battle of Bulge whose 75th anniversary will be celebrated in 2019, but also to the end and to after the War. Another specificity: three scenographies, with immersive and 3D-multisensorial mise en scène, immerse the visitor back in the atmosphere. A first film relates the circumstances of the conflict. the second film leads us in a reconstructed forest by the side of the GI’s in December 44. You’re bound to have a sensation of cold! The third film lead us in a tavern in Bastogne with the passing tanks, the bombardment, power cut, and… a dive in the cellar with the civilians, tortured by fear! For the children, an educational course with interactive terminals proposes little educational games.

« If they say so »

« Nice mise en scène, the effects are a great success. The scenographies immerse into the history, it is impressive, it is a real show that is worth being seen. It is huge, we didn’t expect so many things to read, to see, to discover. I appreciated the interactive terminals with touch screens for learning more about Nazi Germany, the Jewish question, Belgium during the first World War, military vehicles, the new World Order… »

For more information visit www.bastognewarmuseum.be/

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