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Welcome to Bastogne, the historical town well known for the Battle of the Bulge, a clash that is still regarded today as one of the most important battles of the second World War. The fierce battles that shook the region here during the Winter 1944 proved to be very decisive for the Allieds' long road to victory. 

The land of Bastogne consists of four other small towns which are Bertogne, Fauvillers, Sainte-Ode and Vaux-sur-Sure. This ensemble offers a rich well-conserved natural environment, beautiful gardens and parks, an archaeological site, and beautiful woods and fields. The Ravel network allows walkers and non-motorized vehicles to explore the region at their own pace.

For those wishing to step out for a walk into the green, go ahead, some beautiful scenery await you here. 

For your stay, you can choose from a bed-and-breakfast style lodging or a hotel.

Among the remarkable Bastogne's landmarks, two remembrance sites stand out: the brand new Bastogne War Museum, and the Mardasson.

The Mardasson memorial is the American-star-shaped monument that was built in memory of the sacrifice made by the American soldiers who died for the sake of our Freedom. The many plaques, memorials, statues, and tanks on display in and around the town allow today’s visitors to travel back to those difficult times. 

The town is also well known for the fact that the shops remain open on Sundays. Quality restaurants and brasseries will delight the gourmet visitors to Bastogne.

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