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Salt caves and salionarium

Something new in the Belgian Ardennes : The Salt caves and Salionarium.

Salt caves and salionarium at the Paradis du sel in Aubange

One had to take the risk of doing it and they did it. Bernard and Ursi have imported no less than fifteen tons of salt to creating le Paradis de Sel in Aubange. Once you have passed the entrance and the shop, two rooms colored with ochre and orange shades invite you to enjoy the qualities of the saline which have been well-known for over 2500 years. This therapy place is unique in the Belgian province de Luxembourg.

The qualities of the salt 
The salt has been well-known as a condiment for thousands of years. Its therapeutic properties are less known. The salt is very heavy with trace elements and with negative ions and it acts directly on the respiratory system and on the joints. This real « white gold » also plays an important part for solve the skin troubles. Moreover, it relieves the troubles due to stress, insomnia, migraine, tiredness. To enjoy those qualities, le Paradis de Sel comfortably set up in some old vaults in the heart of Aubange. Fifteen tons of salt imported from Himalaya, from the Dead Sea and from Poland are spread over the walls and spread out on the ground. 

Unique in Belgium
Inside the salt cave, it is a healthy tranquility atmosphere that prevails. This atmosphere is created by both the setting up and the lights as well as by the ambient warmth (between 20 and 23°) combined with a humidity rate of 40 to 60 %. The conditions of a sea climate, in short… Nearby, the salionarium is meant to be a more intimist area where you can settle down on a bed made with warmed bricks. There, the temperature is close to 28°. The salt steam is enriched with the ionized oxygen in order to provide a better breath, to strengthen the immunological system and to improve the physical efficiency. A shop with salt lamps, cooking salts and cosmetics invites to extend the saline experience.

« If they say so »
« Trying the salt cave during a dozen of minutes is enough for the effects to be quickly felt. It is normal when you know that the saline air is full of minerals and trace elements. Sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine spread in this atmosphere which is so particular. A relaxation session in a salt cave, it is a new manner to do good to yourself  ». 

Paradis de sel
8 A Rue du Village - 6790 Aubange Belgium
Phone : +32 (0)63 42 46 86 - paradisdesel@skynet.be 
Opening hours : 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10h30 till 12h30 and from 2h30 PM till 7 PM
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, open to groups by booking.
The sessions start every hour.

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